Before treatment:

4 weeks before treatment

  • no intensive sun exposure (no tanning beds, no self-tanning, no tanning capsules)
  • The night before the appointment
  • the area to be treated must be shaved thoroughly

After treatment:

2-3 days after the treatment

  • no swimming pool and sauna visits
  • no excess physical activity (heavy sweating)

4 weeks after treatment

  • no sun tanning, respectively if exposed to sun apply a sun protection cream (SPF 50)

4-6 weeks after treatment

  • only shave treated area (do not wax, epilate or pluck)

When is treatment not possible?

  • in the case of photosensitivity or when taking medications that increase photosensitivity
  • in case of cancer
  • with an active herpes virus around the treated area
  • with tendency to excessive scarring
  • during pregnancy/ breast-feeding
  • if area to be treated is sun tanned
  • if area to be treated is has tattoos
  • grey, light-blond and light-red hairs