Labia Correction

from 1.900€*

Generally, the small inner labial lips are entirely covered by the larger outer labial lips, but there are many woman who feel that their inner labia are either too long or too large. This means that the inner lips protrude over the outer ones such that they are very visible or appear oversized in their proportions. Often women feel this taints their quality of life.


Labia correction involves making the labia smaller. This is done by first measuring the excess skin accurately, and then removing it.
The outer labia can also become limp-looking over the course of many years. In this case, the outer labia can be tightened by removing skin.

Labia Correction - METHODS, RESULTS & COSTS

Labia correction requires extensive experience. The labia correction will be performed by our plastic and cosmetic surgeons in our state of the art clinic. As this is a very intimate area, we recommend an extensive consultation and a preliminary examination. For labia surgery we advise short-term anaesthesia, which can then be carried out on an in-patient basis. After labia surgery, strenuous activity, sports and sexual activity should be avoided for about two weeks.

Labia correction:from 1,900€*

Since a labia correction is a so-called “unnecessary medical intervention”, the costs are not covered by your health insurance.

Financing is possible. Please contact us for further information.

All prices include:

– Accommodation and meals in our private M1 Med Beauty Schlossklinik Berlin – Köpenick
– all control appointments

*The actual services are billed according to GOÄ

Labia Correction - FAQ

Approx. 1 hour
Type of anesthesia
local anasthetics
Kind of treatment
barely Visible
after approx. 1 week