Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - Forehead Lines

Forehead lines

Injection of the forehead – The horizontal lines on the forehead caused by the so-called frowning are called forehead wrinkles. Especially people who have a pronounced forehead facial expression and frequently move this area of their face often suffer from very pronounced wrinkles on the forehead. If the pressure of suffering becomes too high for those affected, they often decide to get a treatment to remove their forehead lines. Treatment with muscle relaxants has proven to be an effective method of smoothing out possible forehead wrinkles and lines and achieving a younger appearance.


Customers who wish to have their forehead lines removed can do so with an anti-wrinkle injection. The muscle relaxant is injected into the affected area, which leads to a relaxation of the muscle so that it can no longer contract and therefore keeps the skin from wrinkling. Removing your forehead lines is quick and easy an out-patient treatment.

If you want to have your forehead lines removed, our experienced M1 doctors can advise you about the various treatment methods. In your one-on-one consultation you will have the opportunity to express your wishes with our doctors and discuss the desired results.

An anti-wrinkle treatment of forehead lines is possible without surgery. However, you should only trust specialist doctors as the extremely precise application of the muscle relaxant is of great importance. Generally, the amount of substance to be used is distributed over smaller injections during the forehead wrinkle removal in order to achieve a targeted weakening of the muscle.

The treatment is usually uncomplicated and fast and has no adverse effects on your daily routine. Please note, however, that you should refrain from sauna, solarium and sportive activities for a few days after the treatment. The full effect of the treatment is achieved after about one to two weeks and usually lasts between four to six months.

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Treatment of forehead lines with muscle relaxants – costs

1 zone:from 99 €*
2 zone:from 199 €*
3 zone:from 299 €*
4 zone:from 399 €*

Since a treatment of forehead lines is a so-called “unnecessary medical interventions”, the costs are not covered by your health insurance.

*The actual services are billed according to GOÄ

Treatment of forehead lines with muscle relaxant - FAQ

apprx. 15 mins.
Type of anesthesia
none / on request local anasthesia
Type of treatment
approx. 3 – 4 months