Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - Frown Lines

Frown lines

The frown line is located above the root of the nose and for many it symbolizes a clear sign of aging. If you would like to have your frown line removed, you can achieve quick results with a minimally invasive treatment. The injection with botulinum toxin into the frown line is an uncomplicated method to obtain a younger and fresher appearance.


Many people cherish the desire for a young and fresh appearance. An existing frown line, which usually develops directly between the eyebrows, often makes the face look grumpy, serious and old. Those affected suffering from a highly visible frown line perceive it as an aesthetic problem. By having an anti-wrinkle injection you can look as young as you feel and benefit from a fresher and younger appearance.


Removing wrinkles with botulinum toxin – is that possible? Yes! If you want to have your frown line removed, you can simply and easily achieve this by treating it with a muscle relaxant. Before treating your frown line, our doctors will inform you in detail about the possible successes at a one-on-one consultation. When having a anti-wrinkle injection into the frown lines, it is important to inject the substance with a pinpoint accuracy and precise dosage. Trust our experienced and professionally trained M1 doctors to undergo this treatment.

The area between the eyebrows is an essential part of our facial expression and is therefore predestined for the development of wrinkles. The injection of botulinum toxin into the wrinkles can lead to a quick and effective smoothing of the frown lines without having to bear the risks of an operation. Getting the frown line injected can also be of interest to you if you want to take precautionary measures. Even small amounts of botulinum toxin injected into the frown lines are sufficient to prevent the slow development of wrinkles that come with age with age. Through the preventive injection of your frown lines you can maintain your youthful appearance much longer.

You want to have your frown line wrinkles injected, but are afraid of possible side effects? In fact, the injection of the frown line is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed easily and without complications if used correctly. Possible swelling after the treatment usually subsides within a few days.

After you have had your frown line removed, the effect usually lasts between three and six months. Then you can have the frown line area injected again. Regular injections of the frown line also ensure that the effect lasts longer, so that a permanent reduction of the frown lines is achieved.

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Treatment of forehead lines with muscle relaxants – costs

1 zone:from 99 €*
2 zone:from 199 €*
3 zone:from 299 €*
4 zone:from 399 €*

Since a treatment of frown lines is a so-called “unnecessary medical interventions”, the costs are not covered by your health insurance.

*The actual services are billed according to GOÄ

Treatment of frown lines with muscle relaxant - FAQ

apprx. 10 mins.
Type of anesthesia
Type of treatment
approx. 3 – 4 months