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Excessive Sweating / Hyperhidrosis treatment

While normal sweating is natural and even healthy, excessive sweating can become a burden. Whether in everyday life or in professional life – if increased sweating occurs under the arms and on the hands, you feel neither comfortable nor fresh. People suffering from hyperhidrosis, who experience excessive and excessive sweating, feel severely impaired in their quality of life. A sweat gland treatment is an effective treatment to relieve people with hyperhidrosis from their suffering and to counteract excessive sweating.

Sweat gland treatment against hyperhidrosis

A sweat gland treatment with muscle relaxant has proven to be extremely helpful against hyperhidrosis. This clinical picture is fundamentally understood as excessive sweating, which goes beyond the functions of normal sweat production. In general, a distinction is made between generalized and focal hyperhidrosis. Generalized hyperhidrosis usually occurs over a large area of the chest, neck or face, while focal hyperhidrosis is restricted to the armpits, hands and soles of the feet.

No matter what type of hyperhidrosis is present – the resulting consequences are often associated with a great sense of shame for those affected. Unlike people with normal sweating, who can reduce sweating by using a deodorant, this is not possible in people with hyperhidrosis. In these cases, only a sweat gland treatment can help.


Depending on the type and intensity of sweating, there is a choice between surgical and non-surgical treatment for hyperhidrosis. In the field of minimally invasive treatments, injecting sweat glands with muscle relaxants has proven to be a very effective method. The injected muscle relaxant used in sweat gland treatment blocks the sweat glands so that they can no longer be reached by the nerve impulses. The resulting effect usually lasts for four to six months.

After the effect decreases, the sweat gland treatment can be repeated. If sweating is very intense, it is advisable to have the sweat glands removed by our qualified specialists.

The sweat gland treatment with muscle relaxant is well tolerated by most patients. Possible side effects such as redness, bruises, pressure sensitivity, swelling or a slight feeling of numbness in the fingers will subside automatically after a short time. The treated area should be cooled for a few hours. If necessary, a light painkiller can be taken. The daily routine is hardly affected by the sweat gland treatment, but you should refrain from sports and sauna for a few days.


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hyperhidrosis treatment – costs

With muscle relaxant:from 399 €*
Surgical:from 1.900 €*

Since a sweat gland treatment is a so-called “unnecessary medical intervention”, the costs are not covered by your health insurance.

The actual services are billed according to GOÄ

Hyperhidrosis treatment - FAQ

approx. 15 mins.
Type of anesthesia
none / on request local anesthesia
Kind of treatment
approx. 4 - 6 months