While nor­mal sweat­ing is nat­ur­al and even healthy, exces­sive sweat­ing can become a bur­den. Whether in every­day life or in pro­fes­sion­al life — if increased sweat­ing occurs under the arms and on the hands, you feel nei­ther com­fort­able nor fresh. Peo­ple suf­fer­ing from hyper­hidro­sis, who expe­ri­ence exces­sive and exces­sive sweat­ing, feel severe­ly impaired in their qual­i­ty of life. A sweat gland treat­ment is an effec­tive treat­ment to relieve peo­ple with hyper­hidro­sis from their suf­fer­ing and to coun­ter­act exces­sive sweat­ing.


A sweat gland treat­ment with mus­cle relax­ant has proven to be extreme­ly help­ful against hyper­hidro­sis. This clin­i­cal pic­ture is fun­da­men­tal­ly under­stood as exces­sive sweat­ing, which goes beyond the func­tions of nor­mal sweat pro­duc­tion. In gen­er­al, a dis­tinc­tion is made between gen­er­al­ized and focal hyper­hidro­sis. Gen­er­al­ized hyper­hidro­sis usu­al­ly occurs over a large area of the chest, neck or face, while focal hyper­hidro­sis is restrict­ed to the armpits, hands and soles of the feet.


No mat­ter what type of hyper­hidro­sis is present — the result­ing con­se­quences are often asso­ci­at­ed with a great sense of shame for those affect­ed. Unlike peo­ple with nor­mal sweat­ing, who can reduce sweat­ing by using a deodor­ant, this is not pos­si­ble in peo­ple with hyper­hidro­sis. In these cas­es, only a sweat gland treat­ment can help.


Depend­ing on the type and inten­si­ty of sweat­ing, there is a choice between sur­gi­cal and non-sur­gi­cal treat­ment for hyper­hidro­sis. In the field of min­i­mal­ly inva­sive treat­ments, inject­ing sweat glands with mus­cle relax­ants has proven to be a very effec­tive method. The inject­ed mus­cle relax­ant used in sweat gland treat­ment blocks the sweat glands so that they can no longer be reached by the nerve impuls­es. The result­ing effect usu­al­ly lasts for four to six months.

After the effect decreas­es, the sweat gland treat­ment can be repeat­ed. If sweat­ing is very intense, it is advis­able to have the sweat glands removed by our qual­i­fied spe­cial­ists.

The sweat gland treat­ment with mus­cle relax­ant is well tol­er­at­ed by most patients. Pos­si­ble side effects such as red­ness, bruis­es, pres­sure sen­si­tiv­i­ty, swelling or a slight feel­ing of numb­ness in the fin­gers will sub­side auto­mat­i­cal­ly after a short time. The treat­ed area should be cooled for a few hours. If nec­es­sary, a light painkiller can be tak­en. The dai­ly rou­tine is hard­ly affect­ed by the sweat gland treat­ment, but you should refrain from sports and sauna for a few days.


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hyperhidrosis treatment — costs

1 zone:from 369 €*

Since a sweat gland treat­ment is a so-called “unnec­es­sary med­ical inter­ven­tion”, the costs are not cov­ered by your health insur­ance.

The actu­al ser­vices are billed accord­ing to GOÄ

approx. 15 mins.
Type of anes­the­sia
none / on request local anes­the­sia
Kind of treat­ment
approx. 4 — 6 months