Nipple Reshaping

from 1.200€*

The breast and nipple are considered the epitome of femininity and play an important role in a woman’s charisma. Congenital invertebrates or areolas that are too large or too small can have a negative effect on the overall aesthetic appearance of the nipples and lead to a low self-esteem in those affected. With the help of a nipple correction, the nipples are adapted to the wishes of the affected patients and the entire appearance of the breasts is thus changed.

The nipples are differently pronounced like the breast. Although the size and condition of nipples are genetically determined, external factors such as pregnancy and breastfeeding period can also lead to changes in breasts and nipples. Women who decide to correct their nipples suffer from nipples that are perceived as aesthetically negative and hope that the nipple correction will improve their quality of life.


The shape of the nipple (mamilla correction) can usually be corrected by a small, uncomplicated operation and can best be integrated into a breast enlargement, a breast lift or breast reduction. There are various procedures and cutting techniques to correction the shape of nipples. Depending on the patient’s goals and wishes, excess tissue can be removed or added to visually reduce or enlarge the nipples.

In a personal consultation, our experienced surgeons will discuss which method is best suited for you. This not only provides you with all important information about nipple correction, but also informs you about the result you can expect after the nipple reshaping.

All nipple corrections are performed by our highly qualified plastic and aesthetic surgeons in our modern M1 Schlossklinik in Berlin and in our M1 Specialist Centre in Frankfurt. The procedures can be performed under local or general anesthesia in combination with breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction.

After the operation, physical rest should be taken for approx. 2 weeks. If the nipple correction is part of a breast operation and done under full anaesthesia you should rest for at least 8 weeks. The result of the operation is largely permanent.

Nipple correction – costs

Nipple correction :from 1.200€*

Since a nipple correction is a so-called “unnecessary medical procedure”, the costs are not covered by health insurance companies.

Financing is possible. Please contact us for further information.

*The actual services are billed according to GOÄ


approx. 30 mins.
Type of anesthesia
local anasthetics
Kind of treatment
hardly visible
after 1 -2 days