The nose has a deci­sive influ­ence on the opti­cal appear­ance due to its cen­tral posi­tion of the face. In order to achieve a har­mo­nious inter­play of all facial fea­tures more and more peo­ple are opt­ing for a nose cor­rec­tion with hyaluron­ic acid. A nose job cor­rects defor­mi­ties in the area of the bridge or tip of the nose with­out hav­ing to accept the risk of sur­gi­cal inter­ven­tion.


A nose cor­rec­tion with hyaluron­ic acid is a min­i­mal­ly inva­sive pro­ce­dure in which the nose is mod­i­fied with injec­tions. The hyaluron­ic acid used acts as a kind of fill­ing mate­r­i­al and is inject­ed pre­cise­ly into the bridge or tip of the nose. Depend­ing on the desired result a nose cor­rec­tion has a pos­i­tive effect on: the opti­cal shape of the hump, the ele­va­tion of a sunken nose tip or the nar­row­ing of the nose bridge.

With the help of der­mal filler a hump in the nose can appear opti­cal­ly small­er and more har­mo­nious. The aim of nasal injec­tions is to “fill up” a cer­tain nose areas and thus straight­en the bridge of the nose. The hyaluron­ic acid is inject­ed either in front of or behind the hump of the nose.

The shape and posi­tion of the tip of the nose can have a deci­sive influ­ence on the entire appear­ance of the face. If the tip of the nose tilts too much down­wards, the impres­sion of a hooked nose quick­ly devel­ops, which may be per­ceived as unat­trac­tive and dis­turb­ing. A sharp angle between the nose and lip area may also impair the flow of air. A nose treat­ment with hyaluron­ic acid can improve this by increas­ing the dis­tance between the nose bridge and lip. Rais­ing the tip of the nose can there­fore not only bring about a pos­i­tive change on the opti­cal lev­el, but also improve breath­ing. In order to strength­en the tip of the nose and pre­vent it from sub­sid­ing, an injec­tion of the nose bridge can also be con­sid­ered.

Dur­ing the nose cor­rec­tion hyaluron­ic acid is inject­ed into the bridge of the nose so that it is raised which leads to an opti­cal nar­row­ing of the nose. Anoth­er way to improve the over­all appear­ance of the nose is to enhance your cheeks and chin and lips.

A nose cor­rec­tion with hyaluron­ic acid is suit­able for patients who want to achieve a more har­mo­nious and bal­anced appear­ance of their nose . It is also suit­able for peo­ple who want to test whether they feel com­fort­able with a changed nose before decid­ing to under­go surgery. Even after surgery, it is pos­si­ble to cor­rect small resid­ual uneven­ness with nasal injec­tions.

The treat­ment result of a nose cor­rec­tion with hyaluron­ic acid can be seen imme­di­ate­ly and usu­al­ly lasts between six to twelve months. The sub­stance is then com­plete­ly biode­grad­ed in the body. After the injec­tion, small hematomas may devel­op on the nose. How­ev­er, these will dis­ap­prear with­in a few days post treat­ment.

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Nose correction without surgery — costs

up to 1 ml:from 99€*
up to 2 ml:from 189€*
up to 3 ml:from 279€*
up to 4 ml:from 369€*

Since  a rhino­plas­ty with hyaluron­ic acid is a so-called “unnec­es­sary med­ical inter­ven­tion”, the costs are not cov­ered by your health insur­ance.

*The actu­al ser­vices are billed accord­ing to GOÄ


approx. 15 mins.
Type of anes­the­sia
none / on request local anas­thet­ics
Type of treat­ment
approx. 12 months