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Brow Lift with muscle relaxant

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Falten-Behandlung mit Muskelrelaxans

Brow lift with muscle relaxant

Benefits of the treatment

Every woman desires big, open eyes without drooping eyelids. With an increasing age, however, a sagging of the eyebrows can be recognized, which can be traced back to a sagging skin. The brow lift raises the skin above the eye and achieves a more open and younger eye area.

Brow lift with or without surgery?

There are two types of eyebrow lifting. Eyebrows can be raised both by surgery and by injecting muscle relaxants. A brow lift using muscle relaxants is suitable for customers who want a subtle change in their eyebrows without having to accept the risks and side effects of an operation.

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About the treatment: Brow lift with muscle relaxant

Brow lift with muscle relaxant
Price from 99
Anaesthesia None
Duration 10 min.
Pain Minimal
Sociable Immediately
Results Approx. 3-4 months
Type of care Out-patient
10 min.
Rest time
Approx. 3-4 months
Type pf care
Type pf care

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How is a brow lift with muscle relaxants performed?

Patients who want wide eyes and a more alert appearance can have their eyebrows lifted without surgery. A brow lift can be achieved with minimal invasively by targeting the muscle that controls the tension above the eye, with muscle relaxant injections.

As part of a natural aging process, the ring muscle, which is located above the orbit, leads to a slow lowering of the eyebrows. The injection of muscle relaxant “weakens” the ring muscle so that less contraction is possible. By relaxing the eye and brow area, the eyebrow is lifted. The lifting effect of the eyebrows with muscle relaxants can achieve a raise of the brows of one to three millimetres. Your face appears much more alert and the eyes appear larger. The result usually lasts between four to six months.

How can a brow lift positively influence the appearance?

Over the years, the skin loses firmness; it becomes wrinkled and saggy. This can lead to asymmetries or changes in the facial expression. A brow lift not only raises the eyebrows, it also compensates for any asymmetries and eliminates any involuntary negative facial expressions.

A pronounced curve of the eyebrows is beautiful and desirable. Perfectly curved eyebrows provide a refreshed look, enlarge the appearance of your eyes and contribute positively to your all over look. Customers who opt for a brow lift can thus benefit above all from an open and radiant eye area. In addition, lifting the eyebrows with muscle relaxant can also improve the visibility of light drooping eyelids.

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Since a brow lift is a so-called “unnecessary medical intervention”, the costs are not covered by health insurance companies.

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