Treatment of crows feet
Crow's feet treatment

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Falten-Behandlung mit Muskelrelaxans

Crow's feet treatment

Benefits of the treatment

  • Relaxation of the muscles and smoothing of wrinkles
  • Prevent the development of new wrinkles
  • Precise treatment - no loss of facial expression

Injection of the crows feet – At younger age the so-called crow’s feet are still associated with joy of life and sympathy. But with increasing age, many of those affected reach a point where the question arises: “How can I remove my crow’s feet?” Very strong developed crow’s feet often make the eyes look tired and old and are perceived as disturbing by women in particular. Those who have their crow’s feet injected may turn their backs on the annoying wrinkles and welcome a more vital appearance.

Treatment details

Crows feet are wrinkles that occur during the aging process and can be removed by a minimally invasive treatment. With crow’s feet injections, muscle relaxants are injected into the skin, where it specifically blocks certain nerves and thus leads to relaxation of the muscles.

This procedure smoothens out the unwanted wrinkles and visually rejuvenates the eye area. A crow’s foot treatment can usually be performed simply, precisely and safely without fear of facial expressions being lost. The durability of the result when treating crows feet with muscle relaxants differs from body to body. However, the effect lasts between four to six months.

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At a glance

About the treatment: Crow's feet treatment

Crow's feet treatment
Price from 99
Anaesthesia none / on request local anasthetics
Duration approx. 15 mins.
Pain minimum
Sociable immediately
Results approx. 3-4 months
Type of care Out-patient
none / on request local anasthetics
approx. 15 mins.
Rest time
approx. 3-4 months
Type pf care
Type pf care

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If you want to have your crows feet removed, you can do so at any time of the year. If you want to have your crows feet injected, however, you should bear in mind that the complete result of the crow’s foot treatment becomes fully visible after one to two weeks. Our experienced doctors will be happy to consult you on the expected success of the treatment and set realistic treatment goals.

You want to have your crows feet injected, but are afraid of possible side effects? The crow’s foot treatment is a low-risk and uncomplicated treatment, which is safely carried out by our doctors. As with any other procedure, side effects after a a crows feet treatment are possible, i.e. minor swelling and bruising. However, these can usually easily be covered and fully disappear two to three days after the crow’s feet.

Fair prices

How much does the crow's feet procedure cost?

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4 zones: from €399*

Since the treatment of crows feet is a so-called “unnecessary medical intervention”, the costs are not covered by your health insurance.

*The actual services are billed according to GOÄ

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