Injec­tion of the crows feet — At younger age the so-called crow’s feet are still asso­ci­at­ed with joy of life and sym­pa­thy. But with increas­ing age, many of those affect­ed reach a point where the ques­tion aris­es: “How can I remove my crow’s feet?” Very strong devel­oped crow’s feet often make the eyes look tired and old and are per­ceived as dis­turb­ing by women in par­tic­u­lar. Those who have their crow’s feet inject­ed may turn their backs on the annoy­ing wrin­kles and wel­come a more vital appear­ance!


Crows feet are wrin­kles that occur dur­ing the aging process and can be removed by a min­i­mal­ly inva­sive treat­ment. With crow’s feet injec­tions, mus­cle relax­ants are inject­ed into the skin, where it specif­i­cal­ly blocks cer­tain nerves and thus leads to relax­ation of the mus­cles.

This pro­ce­dure smoothens out the unwant­ed wrin­kles and visu­al­ly reju­ve­nates the eye area. A crow’s foot treat­ment can usu­al­ly be per­formed sim­ply, pre­cise­ly and safe­ly with­out fear of facial expres­sions being lost. The dura­bil­i­ty of the result when treat­ing crows feet with mus­cle relax­ants dif­fers from body to body. How­ev­er, the effect lasts between four to six months.

If you want to have your crows feet removed, you can do so at any time of the year. If you want to have your crows feet inject­ed, how­ev­er, you should bear in mind that the com­plete result of the crow’s foot treat­ment becomes ful­ly vis­i­ble after one to two weeks. Our expe­ri­enced doc­tors will be hap­py to con­sult you on the expect­ed suc­cess of the treat­ment and set real­is­tic treat­ment goals.

You want to have your crows feet inject­ed, but are afraid of pos­si­ble side effects? The crow’s foot treat­ment is a low-risk and uncom­pli­cat­ed treat­ment, which is safe­ly car­ried out by our doc­tors. As with any oth­er pro­ce­dure, side effects after a a crows feet treat­ment are pos­si­ble, i.e. minor swelling and bruis­ing. How­ev­er, these can usu­al­ly eas­i­ly be cov­ered and ful­ly dis­ap­pear two to three days after the crow’s feet.

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Treatment of crows feet — costs

1 zone:from 99 €*
2 zone:from189 €*
3 zone:from279 €*
4 zone:from 369 €*
5 zone:from 459 €*

Since the treat­ment of crows feet is a so-called “unnec­es­sary med­ical inter­ven­tion”, the costs are not cov­ered by your health insur­ance.

*The actu­al ser­vices are billed accord­ing to GOÄ


apprx. 15 mins.
Type of anes­the­sia
none / on request local anas­thet­ics
Type of treat­ment
approx. 12 months