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28 M1 Fachzentren 30+     mehr als 70 M1 Ärzte 95+     240.000 Behandlungen pro Jahr 270,000

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M1 Med Beauty is your expert when it comes to beauty and anti-aging treatments. We are represented with more than 30 specialist centers* all over Germany and have a state-of-the-art beauty clinic in Berlin – the M1 Schlossklinik**. Here we perform cosmetic operations at the highest level. The most popular treatments at M1 Med Beauty include breast augmentation, liposuction and upper eyelid surgery.

In the M1 specialist centers, we specialize in anti-wrinkle treatment with muscle relaxants and injections with hyaluronic acid (filler treatment). The injections are performed exclusively by highly qualified doctors who regularly receive further training at the M1 Akademie. In addition, only branded products from renowned manufacturers are used at M1 Med Beauty.

Feel free to arrange an appointment at an M1 specialist centre near you and receive your personal consultation on your desired beauty treatment from our M1 doctors.

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Our specialized and experienced specialists carry out almost 270,000 treatments annually.

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Fair Prices

We offer top medicine at fair prices and only use products from renowned manufacturers.

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Our M1 Med Beauty specialists offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments and surgical procedures. We rely on specialization and can offer top-quality medicine at fair prices.

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We are represented at over 30 locations in Germany.

Highest quality through specialization

The entire M1 Med Beauty team of experts works hand in hand for your maximum treatment success. We focus on specialization! While the specialists in other practices and clinics for cosmetic surgery usually operate on the entire range of possible plastic surgeries, the specialists of M1 Med Beauty concentrate in special types of treatment. This makes the M1 doctors absolute experts for the respective plastic surgery, since they perform the selected operations much more frequently than other doctors

* Specialist centres are operated by M1 MVZ GmbH.
** The Schlossklinik (licensed according to §30 GewO) is operated by M1 Med Beauty Berlin GmbH.
M1 Med Beauty Berlin GmbH and M1 MVZ GmbH are cooperation partners in the greater M1 family and conjointly form “M1 Med Beauty”.