Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

Surgical procedures

Plastic & Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery

Benefits of having cosmetic surgery at M1 Med Beauty

  • Specialist doctors
  • Years of experience
  • Modern beauty clinics and high standard of treatment

M1 Med Beauty is the leading provider of beauty medicine in Germany. Our highly specialized doctors carry out over 42 beauty treatments a year and are experts in their field. At the M1 Akademie, you will regularly receive further training in the latest methods of cosmetic surgery.

Our modernly equipped beauty clinic, the M1 Schlossklinik, is located in Berlin-Köpenick and is equipped with 35 beds. Besides modern surgical equipment, our beauty clinic has highly qualified clinic staff who take the best possible care of our clients. In addition, our doctors in affiliated clinics in Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich, Hanover and Düsseldorf offer the possibility of surgery if our beauty clinic in Berlin is too far away for you.

The first surgery consultation and also the preliminary examinations and aftercare can take place in many of our M1 Med Beauty specialist centres near you.

We offer a wide range of cosmetic surgery treatments and also non-surgical (minimally invasive) cosmetic treatments, such as injections with hyaluronic acid and muscle relaxants. Please see our overview of all M1 treatments and our prices.