• permanently smooth skin
  • optimal results
  • short treatment time
  • maximum treatment comfort


From head to toe – for many men and women shaving is part of the daily beauty routine like brushing our teeth. However, at the latest the next morning, the first stubbles grow back. Very often the skin reacts with redness after shaving or with pimples when hair gets trapped. The solution? M1 Laser!

M1 Laser offers a permanent hair reduction, which makes the dream of hair-free, smooth and soft skin possible.

Traditional hair removal methods such as plucking, shaving, waxing, electrolysis or chemical depilatories is often painful, time-consuming and costly and not long-lasting. M1 Laser hair removal provides and unparalleled treatment speed and efficiency while providing optimal treatment comfort.


Repeated laser impulses aimed at the existing hair will conduct energy into the hair follicles, preventing future growth. The treatment can be individually adapted to your skin and hair type. Two different handpieces are available for this purpose.

The integrated suction effect (HIT™) and the continuous contact cooling (ChillTip™) make our treatment effective and comfortable.

The treatment is more than 75% faster than an average hair reduction session and relies on the unique HIT™ and ChillTip™ technology for pain relief.

In order to achieve a lasting and optimal result, several sessions must be carried out. An average of 6 to 10 treatments are necessary. The number varies depending upon person and treatment region. We achieve the best results with customers with light skin and dark hair.

Before the treatment

Four weeks before the treatment the sun must be avoided (no sunbank visits, no pre-tanned skin, no self-tanning). The tanning of the skin can cause burns, as the melanin in the skin absorbs the heat of the laser. On the evening before the appointment, the area to be treated must be shaved thoroughly, if this is not possible, depilatory cream should be used 48 hours before the appointment.

After the treatment

Before you can resume your normal activities, avoid exposing the treated area to the sun for at least four weeks after treatment, use a sun protection factor of 45 to 50. Clean the area with mild soap and water and do not use any products that may irritate the skin. Occasionally, the area may be red or swollen after the procedure, as if it were slightly burned. You will notice hair “grows” within ten days after treatment the in this area . This is actually the strained hair that falls out instead of growing back. You can shave this hair if it bother you. Between sessions you should NOT pluck or wax your hair.

  • if you have or have had skin cancer;
  • if you are pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • if you tend to keloids (scarring);
  • if you suffer from vitiligo (the white spot disease);
  • if you suffer from epilepsy;
  • if the hair is white.