M1 Dental – Dental aesthetics care instructions

In the first 48 hours after your treatment you should avoid the following things:

  • Colouring foods (e.g. tomatoes, curry, red wine)
  • Prophylaxis (professional teeth cleaning)
  • Tea and coffee
  • Smoking
  • Sauna
  • Sports
  • Very cold or very hot drinks
  • Using excess pressure on the gums while brushing your teeth
  • Mouthwash

Ceramic veneers care instructions

After your treatment:

  • Veneers can come loose or break when subjected to excessive stress on the transition between veneer and tooth (the adhesive joint), just as excessive stress can cause damage to your natural teeth. The survival time of your ceramic veneers depends on your lifestyle and care of the veneers.
  • No planned medical or dental measures two weeks after treatment.


Special instructions:

  • The bleaching effect may increase a few days after completion of treatment.
  • The result of bleaching cannot be guaranteed, because tooth discoloration can have different causes for each patient.
  • Previously existing composite fillings are not bleached. Fillings can be renewed after the bleaching treatment after 2 weeks at the earliest.
  • No planned medical or dental measures 2 weeks after the treatment.