Face Treatments

You are interested in surgery on the face or injections of the lips, the wrinkles or facial modeling? With us you will find the treatment services of our highly qualified M1 doctors that are tailored to your wishes and needs.

Facial treatments

Brow lift:from 99€*
Cheeks:from 229€*
Chin:from 99€*
Crows feet:from 99€*
Eye circles & eye troughs:from 179€*
Forehead lines:from 99€*
Frown lines:from 99€*
Jawline:from 99€*
Lip augmentation:from 99€*
Facial Slimming (Masseter):from 199€*
Nasolabial fold:from 189€*
Nose correction:from 229€*
Plissé:from 179€*
Upper eyelid lift:from 800€*

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Wrinkle injections

Hyaluronic acid:from 99€*
Muscle relaxant:from 99€*