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Neue Große Bergstraße 9
22767 Hamburg

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Beauty treatments at M1 Med Beauty Hamburg

Our experienced and internationally renowned specialist Mr Tsoumpris will care for your individual wishes. Your charisma and personality are important and must not be lost during your beauty treatment. Whether breast augmentation, liposuction, upper eyelid lift or any other treatment method from the M1 Med Beauty treatment offer – Mr Tsoumpris will consider your individual wishes and adapt your operation and treatment plan accordingly.

Arrange your consultation now! Our practice facilities are located at Neue Große Bergstraße 9.

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How to find us

Our M1 Specialist Centre is located in the westernmost district of Altona at Neue Große Bergstraße 9.

Long-distance Deutsche Bahn to Hamburg Altona
S-Bahn line 1 (S1) to Hamburg Altona
S-Bahn line 3 (S3) to Hamburg Altona
Bus lines: 15, 112, 3, 111, 36 – to Hamburg Altona/Große Bergstraße

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M1 specialist centre Hamburg Altona

Your cosmetic surgery in experienced surgical hands

At M1 Hamburg Altona, we offer you the full range of plastic and aesthetic surgery - from breast augmentation and liposuction to upper eyelid lifting. Our experienced specialist for aesthetic and plastic surgery, Konstantinos Tsoumpris, will advise you comprehensively in a personal consultation about your desired treatment and provide you with comprehensive information. At M1 Hamburg Altona, you are in good hands, from the pre-operative check-up, the surgery in our clinic in Hamburg to the post-operative care.

We are your experts in beauty treatments

In addition to our specialists for surgical treatments, at M1 Med Beauty in Hamburg Altona, you will also meet experienced doctors in the field of aesthetic medicine for minimally invasive beauty treatments. Injections with hyaluronic acid and treatment with muscle relaxants are part of the daily speciality of our M1 doctors. From lip injections, wrinkle-smoothing (e.g. forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow's feet), facial slimming to non-surgical corrections of the nose: at M1 you will receive detailed advice on these and other aesthetic injections and be treated by specialised doctors.

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If you are from another part of Hamburg, then our M1 Med Beauty specialist centre on Jungfernstieg may be easier for you to reach: M1 Med Beauty Hamburg Jungfernstieg (Jungfernstieg 14, 20354).

M1 Med Beauty is also available in Rostock (Große Wasserstraße 2, 18055) and in Bremen (Teerhof 59, 28199).

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